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Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

With the springs playing a major role to the door’s operation, there is simply no room for problems. The slightest issue with your garage door torsion spring in Bolton will mess with its performance. Should the spring snaps, the door won’t open at all. If it’s open, it might slam down. Save yourself the trouble and slight possibility of getting hurt by turning to our company for spring repair services. We, at Bolton Garage Door Repair, deal with spring issues fast.

We can fix your garage door torsion spring today. ContaGarage Door Torsion Spring Boltonct us

Your Bolton garage door torsion spring was most likely made to last for ten thousand cycles. That’s how long most springs last. When its lifecycle is completed, it will snap. You can avoid this trouble by calling us to replace it when it starts showing the first signs of wear. But you can also call us to do the necessary torsion spring repair and thus keep it in good condition for its entire lifespan.

What do torsion springs need?

  • There will come a time when you will need torsion spring adjustment. This is needed when springs start sagging. They sag when they have lost their power and flexibility. They lose power every time you open the door. Now, the flexibility issue brings us to another necessary service.
  • You might not know it but springs need lubrication too. Lubes protect the spring coils since they are made of steel. This is very important before the winter since the cold temperatures will affect the spring’s performance.

Keep in mind that extension springs also need lubes and adjustments. And our company can help you with any service related to these types of springs too.

Call us urgently for broken torsion spring replacement

Are in you in urgent need of broken garage door torsion spring replacement in Bolton, Ontario? Just call us. When our customers need help with the springs, we respond quickly. When your spring is already broken, our tech brings a new one to match the size and weight of your door. We have experience in installing torsion springs and guarantee careful and expert work. Want broken torsion spring replacement right now? Call us.

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