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Garage Door Cables Repair

Broken cables? Call us to replace them. Did they come off? Contact us for garage door cables repair in Bolton, Ontario. We offer quick response service when it comes to these essential parts. Remember that cables are tensed just like springs. Don’t try to fix them by yourself. At Bolton Garage Door Repair, we don’t only respond quickly but also offer affordable cable services. Contact us to handle your local cable repair needs.Garage Door Cables Repair Bolton

Garage door cables are essential parts and we fix them fast

Whether your overhead door utilizes extension or torsion springs, they are connected to the cables. In either case, the garage door cables also go all the way down where they are attached to the bottom bracket. In the case of extension springs, the cables will also utilize a pulley system to connect to the spring and will attach on the tracks. So they are tensed and any problem with the springs, pulleys, or tracks might lead to cable problems too. But cables get damaged and frayed on their own. In any case, we rush to provide garage door cables repair service in Bolton and will also check the adjacent parts – even as a precaution.

Count on our expert garage door cables repair

You can trust that our techs offer same day cable repair services. Should they break, depend on our emergency garage door cables replacement. When cables snap, the door won’t move right. Since nine out of ten times only one of the two cables breaks, the overhead door will sag to the side. In the event of both cables breaking, the door won’t move or will slam down. You can depend on our experts to replace one or both cables in a timely fashion.

Trust our cable replacement & installation expertise

Just like when we repair, we are also cautious when we are installing garage door cables. Our techs make sure the new cables are properly connected to all parts and are smoothly wrapped around their drum to lift the door. Part of our job is to check that both cables are on their drums and the door moves up and down properly.

As professional techs, we always pay attention to details to ensure safe overhead door performance. Whether for cable repair or replacement, contact our company. We cover Bolton garage door cables repair requests as quickly as possible.

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Garage Door Repair Service In Bolton

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